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Stroke Survivor & Parkinson’s Disease Mobility Strategies


Building A Path to Recovery

At Cypress Home Therapy, we understand the unique challenges faced by those recovering from a stroke or living with Parkinson’s Disease. That’s why our specialized programs are designed to enhance mobility and improve overall quality of life. With our expert team of therapists, we custom-tailor each treatment plan to meet your specific needs, ensuring you receive the most effective care possible.

Parkinson’s Disease Mobility Strategies

Living with Parkinson’s Disease means facing the reality that your movement may become increasingly restricted. This, in turn, can threaten your independence and safety, leading to emotions of frustration, anger, and even a sense of “giving up.” But this doesn’t have to be your story. At Cypress Home Therapy, we understand the journey through Parkinson’s and are here to offer a way forward.

Personalized Mobility Programs

Our approach begins with a detailed assessment of your current capabilities and challenges, listening closely to what matters to you. From there, we craft a personalized mobility strategy program designed to enhance your movement and potential. Achieving this will require considerable effort, particularly in practicing larger movements more frequently. Our team of certified LSVT-BIG physical therapists is expertly trained to support you through this process while reinforcing your motivation and identifying your progress along the way. If your loved one can assist, we will happily coach them to help support our physical therapy visits.

Continuous Support for Lasting Outcomes

We are committed to delivering lasting outcomes that improve your quality of life. Our team is driven by a passion to help you maintain and regain your independence, offering continuous support rather than stopping when insurance typically would. If you’re determined to improve, we’re here to make that journey with you.

Stroke Recovery:
Building Strength & Hope

Recovering from a stroke is a personal journey that impacts both the survivor and their family. At Cypress Home Therapy, we tailor our approach to meet the unique needs of each stroke survivor, starting with a thorough assessment that helps us set a roadmap for recovery.

Crafting Your Path to Recovery

Our goal is simple yet ambitious: to make you stronger after a stroke. Current research supports the possibility of making significant progress months or even years after a stroke, and we leverage these insights to offer you the best possible recovery strategies. Our therapy goes beyond clinical methods; we focus on a compassionate approach that provides the understanding, encouragement, and time you need to heal.

Rewiring to Recover

Our strategy is designed to help you “rewire to recover,” focusing on the areas that are most important to you. We offer a wide array of proven strategies that aid in this recovery process, and unlike traditional insurance-based physical therapy, we do not stop until you feel ready.
We are committed to your long-term wellness and helping you achieve the milestones that matter the most to you.

Your Goals Are Our Priority

Whether you’re battling Parkinson’s Disease or recovering from a stroke, our clients have seen remarkable improvements under our care. It’s important to us that insurance doesn’t set limits on your recovery. That’s why we are here to support you beyond traditional insurance constraints with our privately paid physical therapy services.

If you’re ready to take control of your health and make real progress toward recovery, contact us today by calling (208) 859-5072 or filling out our online form. Our expert team of physical therapists will discuss how we can support you in achieving your goals and improving your overall quality of life. We proudly serve the Boise, Idaho, area.