Our body weight optimization services are designed as a fad-free, holistic approach — aiming to reconnect you and your body with the lifestyle you desire through gentle, compassionate and individualized programs. Exercises need not be grueling, big or demanding, we want you to feel heartened and empowered at the end of a visit — we are clinical cheerleaders and positive coaches for your wellness goals.

Whether you’re looking to shed a few pounds, increase muscle mass to aid in osteoporosis prevention, prepare for bariatric surgery, or have already had surgery, then these are some of the ways we can help you make that long lasting difference in your good health:

Reduce pain. We can craft a program to help you safely perform activities with the least amount of discomfort. Just getting up and moving every 20-30 minutes can help you feel better!

Improve cardiovascular fitness. “Heart-healthy” aerobic activity can boost your metabolism and burn calories. We are pretty creative with implementing fun activities that meet your comfort level.

Improve strength. We can teach you activities that address specific weak areas. Building muscle strength makes daily activities easier, reduces joint pain and burns calories.

Improve flexibility and posture. We can teach you how to gently stretch tight muscles. Restoring posture can aid breathing and reduce fatigue.

Increase activity levels. Reducing your fatigue is one of the first things to facilitate moving more frequently. We understand ‘pacing and slowing down.’ More does not always mean better and with our guidance, we can help you reach your goals in the safest, fastest and most comfortable way possible.

Our therapists will work with you in your home, and are qualified to make recommendations around the house that may help with ease of mobility and access. We are happy to accommodate those individual needs, so if you’re a “list person” we can work together to create an activity log, and if you’re not, we’ll find out what works for you! At the end of the day, this all about you and helping you meet your goals in a supportive way. Please give us a call should you have any questions.