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Cypress Home Therapy was founded by Rebecca Gillet, a dedicated and compassionate physical therapist with over 35 years of experience serving the greater Boise, Idaho area. Our journey began in 2017 with a simple yet powerful request that highlighted a crucial need in our community. This led to the establishment of a private-pay in-home therapy program that meets the critical needs of individuals with mobility and balance issues in the comfort of their own homes.

Meet Our Team

Rebecca Gillet


Rebecca Gillet, founder of Cypress Home Therapy, has been providing the greater Boise area with dedicated and compassionate in-home physical therapy services since 1989. She was inspired to pursue physical therapy during her time as a patient, recovering from a basketball knee injury in college. The physical therapy was instrumental in allowing her to return to the activities she loved, as well as the opportunity to answer a professional calling. With an undergraduate degree from Boise State University, followed by a graduate degree in physical therapy from Northwestern University, she started her own practice in 1990 and has been enjoying an incredibly fulfilling career ever since. She is an avid mountain biker and general lover of all things outdoors.

Alita Ashmore, PT

As a dedicated physical therapist, Alita Ashmore embarked on her career after leaving a clerical position at a large corporation in Boise, Idaho. Feeling unfulfilled and seeking more from life, she decided to return to college. Now, with years of valuable experience under her belt, she has no regrets about this decision, except wishing that she’d made the change sooner.

Alita graduated from Idaho State University’s Physical Therapy program in 1998. As a physical therapist, she finds great satisfaction in helping individuals maintain their safety and independence at home. Despite its challenges, it provides Alita with opportunities for fun and self-discovery, making it both fulfilling and rewarding.

Outside of her professional life, Alita is an avid fitness enthusiast, which initially inspired her career change. She starts each day by trail running with her dogs, Marty and Olive, a routine that energizes her for the day ahead. Alita is also passionate about downhill skiing, an activity that played a significant role in her decision to pursue physical therapy as a profession.

Therese Gerard, PT

Therese Gerard is a seasoned physical therapist who graduated from the University of Puget Sound in 1985 with a degree in Physical Therapy. Over her extensive career, Therese has gained experience across multiple settings, including acute care, rehabilitation, skilled nursing facilities, outpatient clinics, and home care. Her approach to therapy is holistic, focusing on optimizing both physical and mental health to enhance her client’s overall function.

Since 1987, Therese has made Boise her home. In her free time, she engages in various activities that reflect the changing seasons, ensuring she remains as active and vibrant as the community she serves.

Rick Loveland, PT

As a dedicated physical therapist, Rick Loveland was inspired to pursue his career during his senior year of high school after a significant personal experience. His older brother, a collegiate athlete, suffered an accident, and Rick had the opportunity to accompany him to physical therapy sessions. Witnessing the profound impact the therapists had on his brother’s recovery and return to college basketball sparked Rick’s interest in the field. Motivated by conversations with his brother’s therapist, he decided to pursue a career in physical therapy.

Rick completed his physical therapy education at Idaho State University, graduating from the PT program in 1999. He initially worked in a rehabilitation center focusing on geriatric clients, where he developed a passion for working with the elderly. His career path later transitioned him into a home health setting within the same company, allowing him to assist seniors in their own homes, helping them to progress physically while remaining in their preferred living environments. This experience led him to join Cypress Home Therapy, where he thrives on helping individuals maintain their independence and enhance their quality of life in their own homes or apartments.

Outside of his professional life, Rick is an avid outdoorsman. He cherishes time spent in the mountains and enjoys the abundant hiking and biking trails in the area. Alongside his wife and two children, Rick engages in motorcycle riding in the hills, as well as long hikes and bike rides, embracing the serenity of nature. Family remains a central part of his life; he frequently enjoys barbecues and picnics with his siblings and parents, reinforcing the strong familial bonds that continue to shape his personal and professional life.