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We help people prevent a fall, stay mobile, and remain independent for as long as possible. We come to your home or place of residence!

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Is This You or Your Loved One?

Have you already had a fall with injury this year?

Are you recovering from an illness, surgery, or life changing event but need that extra time for improvement and insurance participated physical therapy has stopped sooner than you’d like?
Are you looking to prevent a fall?
Is decreased mobility forcing you to face difficult decisions about moving from your home, or from an assisted living facility to a higher level of care?
Is prevention your mindset and are you looking to ensure successful aging and active retirement?
You would like one of our Fall Prevention Specialists to help you identify trip hazards in your home?

Our Services

Dedicated attention with one-on-one in-home therapy sessions

Stroke Survivor and Parkinson’s Disease Mobility Strategies
Fall Prevention Programs
Fitness, Wellness, and Age in Place Plans

Client Reviews

Rebecca has been helpful in caring for my knee after knee replacement---and she is just a phone call away! Thanks for being there.
Katrina Rediess
Katrina Rediess
Rebecca has been a lifesaver with helping my Mom be able to stay in her own home. I am so glad we found Cypress Physical Therapy when we did!
Leslee Fiene
Leslee Fiene
Becca is amazing, I could barely walk due to sciatic lower back issues and Becca was able to coach me trough what I needed in order start the recovery process. Also she went over the questions I should be asking my new Chiropractor so I would be able to get the most out of my treatments and ensure a speedy recovery. Thanks again I would would definitely recommend cypress home therapy to my friends and family .
Joshua Kane
Joshua Kane
Rebecca at Cyprus Home Physical Therapy has been involved in the treatment of both my elderly stepmother and myself. My stepmother was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease at the age of 80. She was beginning to have great difficulty getting to the dining room and back with her walker, and most often resorted to simply using her wheelchair. Rebecca demonstrated an in depth understanding of the challenges Parkinson’s patients experience, and provided many, easy to use strategies to help her navigate those challenges. I have been experiencing lower back issues including spinal fusion. Rebecca’s understanding of how the parts of our bodies are so interconnected using sound, simple strategies and techniques has been a wonderful help in assisting me in overcoming my particular situation. Rebecca uses layman’s terms to explain complex medical issues. She is a great listener and is patient, compassionate and understanding. I wholeheartedly recommend you give Cyprus Home Physical Therapy a call.
Denny Trumble
Denny Trumble
My friend told me how much Cypress helped his mom return to doing the things she loved. Now I have my mom seeing a Cypress physical therapist weekly to help her get strong for our summer vacation. I could not be happier with how she is doing… Our therapist helped immensely.
Ben Tolomeo
Ben Tolomeo
I highly recommend Cypress Home Therapy. My Cypress physical therapist has done a fabulous job preparing me for an expedition that will entail extensive walking on uneven ground and walking up and down uneven steps and small boulders. Her instructions are specific, detailed, and attentive to my strengths and weaknesses. She demonstrates what I should do to ensure safety, particularly important as I have a total knee replacement and am 70+! On top of that, her manner is warm, caring, and patient. You cannot go wrong with Cypress. Gail
Craig Email
Craig Email
My mother has a high risk of falling, the home safety assessment and visits have decreased my worries for her safety. For others in the same situation I would recommend calling!
Ival Turner
Ival Turner
I can't say enough about Cypress-- it is a great service in our community! I have struggled with lower back pain and the therapist was amazing and incredibly helpful. Results were quick and I also have a working plan moving forward to manage pain. Thanks Cypress!
kate riley
kate riley

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